Kyiv (QHA) -

Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych has met three of the country’s former presidents, reports Euronews.

It’s part of an attempt to negotiate between the government and the demonstrators, between those who favour closer EU ties and those who want a strong relationship with Russia.

Yanukovych says there’s a middle way:

“I am strongly against opposing relations with Europe in favour of relations with Russia and vice versa. We need to find a way to co-exist. I think Europe will sleep peacefully in warmth if Ukraine has good relations with Russia, if there aren’t any conflicts like when the gas was turned off.”

In an interview to Euronews former Ukrainian president Viktor Yushenko said: “I think the authorities will not use force. The government will move towards dialogue. What’s needed now is political energy.”

Yushenko added “the situation at Independence Square will gradually diminish, it won’t remain as strong and as powerful as it was last Sunday.”

Nonetheless, at Independence Square there is no sign of weakening, despite the cold and clashes with police, for the time being, the protesters stay.