KYIV (QHA) - Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has invited all political forces, the public and the clergy to a nationwide dialogue and has said he is ready to personally participate in such a round table. "I invite representatives of all the political forces, priests, members of the public to a nationwide dialogue. I'm ready to participate in such a round table," the president said in an address to Ukrainians, which was released on Wednesday, reports Ukrinform. The president appealed separately to the opposition: "For the sake of compromise I am urging the opposition not to refuse, not to follow the path of confrontation and ultimatums." He assured that the government would act "solely within the law and will never use force against peaceful assemblies." "As president of Ukraine, the guarantor of the Constitution, I will do all due for the normal functioning of the country, protecting the rights and interests of each citizen, to ensure there is peace and quiet in our country," Yanukovych said.