(QHA) -

Former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych has applied to the European Union Court for lifting the sanctions against him and against recognizing him a former president of Ukraine, according to Yanukovych's application published in the Official Journal of the European Union, Ukrainian news agency reports.

Yanukovych is asking to overturn the UN Council's decision on the restrictive measures against a number of officials due to the situation in Ukraine, especially, the sanctions against him.

He claims against the EU Council over having imposed the sanctions.

Yanukovych stressed he had been declared former president of Ukraine mistakenly.

"The applicant being a legitimate, democratically elected president of Ukraine, was (in the decision of the EU Council) called "the former president" that contradicts the Ukrainian legislation and the international law, and is a vivid support to the so-called interim president and the government which were elected illegitimately and undemocratically and got power illegally thus violating the rule of law, the democratic principles and the international law," the application said.

Yanukovych accuses the EU Council of trying to win favor with the new government, which he considers the interim regime, for Ukraine to be in closer ties with the European Union.

He thinks freezing his accounts to be illegitimate as when the sanctions were imposed no investigation into public funds embezzlement and export abroad was carried in Ukraine.

In March, the United States, the European Union, and several other countries imposed financial and personal sanctions against Yanukovych, members of his family, and several former high-ranking officials in his government.