(QHA) -

Ukrainian opposition leaders emerged from crisis talks with President Viktor Yanukovich on Wednesday saying he had failed to give concrete answers to their demands, and told their supporters on the streets to prepare for a police offensive, Reuters reports.

Talking from the scene of Euromaidan Vitali Klitschko said he would lead pro-EU protesters "on the attack" in the capital, Kiev, if the government refused to call snap elections.

Klitscho also noted the President could end the stand-off "without bloodshed" by calling early elections, but that "tomorrow, if the president does not respond... then we will go on the attack", to roars of approval from the crowd.

Another opposition leader, Arseniy Yatseniuk, said the government had 24 hours to respond to the demands, which also include the lifting of the new anti-protest laws.

"If this does not happen, we will march forward together. If it's a bullet to the head, then it's a bullet to the head," he declared.

Still Ukrainian Prime Minister Azarov said opposition leaders should be "more humble".

"The opposition leaders should move away from the language of ultimatums,- Azarov said. We are ready to compromise, to agree. The opposition leaders should understand that they also bear responsibility in avoiding a civil war, and bloodshed, and so does the government."