Grigory Yavlinsky,  founder of the Yabloko party, wrote in his Twitter microblog:

“In its election program, the Yabloko pary will offer to hold a new referendum in Crimea under the international control.”

The election program, which should be approved at the Congress in late February, is based on the thesis: "Over the past two years, the policy of Putin and his administration has involved Russia into two undeclared wars - in Syria and in Ukraine - and dramatically worsened the economic situation of our country. As a result, the economic growth, which almost ceased to the end of 2013, turned into a rapid decline."

In his commentary to Novaya Gazeta, Ivan Bolshakov, the member of the Yabloko Federal Bureau, said that the election campaign is expected to be held in a situation of decline in Russian economy and in living standards of the majority of citizens, as well as in conditions of social and economic crisis. 

“That is why the program will be addressed to all Russian citizens to convince everyone of the need for political changes and a radical change of Putin’s policy.

The program will also include the statement on Crimea: Yabloko party will call for a new referendum with the consent of Ukraine and under the international supervision.