(QHA) -

A working commission has been created in Kyiv to prepare a bill “on the status of Crimean Tatar people as indigenous people of Ukraine”, reads the statement on official Facebook page of Mustafa Jemilev—the Commissioner of the President of Ukraine on the Affairs of the Crimean Tatar people.

In addition to independent experts and Mejlis representatives, the commission includes representatives of the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Social Policy, Foreign Ministry, Cultural Ministry, National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine and others.

“The commission aims to use international practice in protecting of rights of indigenous people and determining the position of consolidation of different government bodies and society on this issue”- reads the statement.

Crimea seceded from Ukraine and was annexed by Russia in March following a local referendum on region's status. Crimea's unification with Russia, however, was declared illegitimate by Kyiv, the United States and the European Union.