(QHA) -

Deputy chairman of Crimean Parliament Remzi Ilyasov is ready to help “Crimea Fund” to maintain the fund’s building if he is asked to, still he should examine the whole situation.

“I am ready to assist still I should be aware of what is really happening there. I should have extended a helping hand if they asked me…”- Ilyasov said.

To recall, the Mejlis building in Simferopol which is owned by the Crimea Fund was surrounded on Sept 16 by armed men while FSB officers carried out a 12-hour-search of the entire building.  The next day bailiffs turned up and ordered the Crimea Fund, Mejlis and the editorial offices of the Avdet newspaper to vacate the building within 24 hours

Simferopol court Nov 18 made a decision to fine Crimean charitable organization “Crimea Fund” 4,5 mln rubles. The director of the fund Riza Shevkiev was imposed 350,000 rubles fine.

Riza Shevkiev said he would appeal to European Court of Human Rights to challenge this decision.

Crimea seceded from Ukraine and was annexed by Russia in March, following local referendum. The move, however, was not recognized by Kyiv and the West.