A political expert said that on August, 24 Poroshenko was called out to Berlin to discuss the elections holding in the occupied territories of Donbas. -

This issue was discussed on August, 28 at a press conference ‘The political results of the week’ in Kiev.

- The Western partners doubt Petro Poroshenko’s ability to collect 302 votes at the autumn session. Also, is he able to make the parliament pass the constitutional reform discussed in relation to the elections in the uncontrolled elections in Donbas, said Mikhail Pavlov.

According to the expert, Germany and France insist on holding elections in the uncontrolled territory, in certain regions of Donetsk and Lugansk.

Mikhail Pavlov also said that just yesterday the French Foreign Ministry claimed he was ready to guarantee the quality of elections in the territories mentioned above. Even the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs acknowledges this issue to have been discussed and the issue to keep on being discussed.

-Apparently, the issue of the elections in controlled territories has been touched upon. The militant rhetoric of governors-general has slightly subsided thereafter. Elections are to be held in controlled territories to the maximum, but speculation is still going on, and as a result up to a million Ukrainian citizens may be deprived of their constitutional voting rights, said political expert Mikhail Pavlov.