(QHA) - President Vladimir Putin said he would respect Ukraine’s choice in favour of the European Union, however, Ukrainian economy could face big problems reports Itar-Tass. “If Ukraine considers a free trade zone agreement with the EU expedient, then so be it. But we think that Ukraine and we can face certain problems,” - Putin said. “We fear that they will be supplied to our market, to the Customs Union market and to the market of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. But this will create problems for our economy,” - he explained. He noted the agreement may break off Ukraine, Russian ties. “Our cooperation is deep. We have the common language.” “These are big advantages and they disappear if Ukraine signs the agreement with the EU,” - stressed Russian leader. “I can hardly imagine how Ukraine’s space and missile system will develop. It is rather considerable. I can’t imagine its development without Russia. Our helicopters are equipped with Ukrainian engines. What should be done? How will the industry develop?” - Putin said. Thus, According to Russian President, they will respect the choice Ukraine makes. “Let’s see what choice the Ukrainian leaders make. For sure, whatever choice Ukraine makes we’ll respect it and continue bilateral relations. The point is that how we’ll work and what measures we should take to protect our own interests,” - he noted.