Volunteers helping Donbas and Crimean refugees are constantly called from unknown numbers and asked to sell the database on immigrants.

According to Today newspaper, over the phone the unknown try to arrange a meeting and promise money for immigrants’ addresses and telephone numbers since the volunteers have contact numbers of Donbas and Crimean citizens who moved from the Russia-occupied territories, as well as the addresses of their current place of residence, copies of passports, birth certificates and even a number of bank cards. The volunteers refuse to give this information to the unknown.

It is believed that these calls are connected either with swindlers’ tricks, or with the forthcoming local elections.

"Maybe agitators or the candidates themselves want to form their electorate in such a way. For example, it is possible to canvass or bribe on the phone. The data can also be used to create an artificial interest to the candidate - to falsify the polls or even the elections ", said a political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko.

Volunteers also believe the information to be sought for by scammers with the aim to use it, for example, in order to obtain loans.