Dissatisfied with delays in the investigation into "Ilovaisk pot", the military of the "Donbas" volunteer battalion made a statement urging all Ukrainian patriots who support the idea "government for people" to unite for a worthy future of our nation. Taras Kostanchuk, Head of the ATO military-patriotic association "Justice", calls indifferent citizens and members of different political parties to create an organization that will take care of the interests of the people, not the oligarchic schemes of officials.

- The authority hopes volunteers will dissolve and disappear, but we won’t leave, we remember every wounded and killed in the Ilovaisk pot. Muzhenko blamed Putin and volunteers of the tragedy and shooting Ukrainian soldiers, and none of the higher-level commanders has taken the responsibility as a real officer would have done, said Taras Kostanchuk.

According to volunteers, the government is trying to shift the responsibility for what happened to people who were defending their homeland therefore the military are going to organize a peaceful protest to be heard. Participants said rallies would be unarmed.

According to the representative of the "Justice" Association, 100 days have passed since the Ilovaisk tragedy, but no one is still punished. Pseud generals are still sitting in their seats. The soldiers will hold the nonviolent actions in different areas in order to force the country's leadership to investigate and convict those involved in the tragedy, who, according to members of the “Justice” public organization, are still giving orders.