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World Tatar Congress, Crimean Association of Volga Tatars “Idel” and all-Ukrainian Tatar cultural center “Tugan tel” had congratulated Refat Chubarov on his election as head of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people, informs press service of Mejlis.

President of Crimean Association of Volga Tatars “Idel” and “Tugan Tel” center Ilmir Temirgaliyev expressed confidence that strengthening of friendship between Crimean Tatars and Kazan Tatars, as well as the unity of views will contribute to improving life of all Crimeans.

Member of “Idel” association Khalida Kazak read out greetings from the chairman of the executive committee of the World Tatar Congress Rinat Zakirov.

“Refat Chubarov is well known as a consistent defender of the Crimean Tatar language and culture. He puts in a lot of effort and energy to the formation of Crimean Tatar mass media sources,”- said Zakirov in the letter.

“We believe that our brother nations will continue very close and warm friendship”, noted Zakirov.

In turn, Refat Chubarov thanked for congratulations and expressed confidence in successful continuation of cultural, scientific and friendship relations between Crimean and Kazan Tatars.