Verkhovna Rada has adopted the amendments to the Labor Code. Despite fierce opposition and protests, MPs did reach an understanding.

Before the adoption of the law, Speaker Vladimir Groisman took the floor and read one сlause that states inadmissibility of discrimination against sexual minorities, as well as infringements of labor rights based upon gender, age, political views. At the same time he mentioned that MPs support family values, therefore in future the Verkhovna Rada plans to create an office of Commissioner on Family issues.

As QHA (Crimean News agency) reported earlier, today’s meeting of the Verkhovna Rada was under the threat of a hard protest by the Opposition Bloc.

Representatives of the LGBT community are holding a rally outside the Verkhovna Rada. Livestream is watched by the Orthodox clergy who gave to understand that they would excommunicate all those voting for the amendments, which among other things protect the labor rights of gays and lesbians.