Rostov-on-Don (QHA) -

Another hearing in the case of Crimean film director Oleg Sentsov is taking place today, August 19, 2015, in Rostov-on-Don.

Prior to the hearing, the journalists have been warned that a provocation is likely to be staged in the court room, Hromadske TV channel reports. However, what they referred to as ‘provocation’ turned out to be a visit of Vera Savchenko, a sister of Nadezhda Savchenko, a Ukrainian air force pilot, who is also facing trial in Russia.

Vera Savchenko has arrived to the court room accompanied by Alexander Kovtun, Ukraine’s Consul to Russia, and Vitaly Moskalenko, Ukraine’s Consul General to Russia.

Alexander Kolchenko, a pro-Ukrainian activist, is also facing trial in Rostov-on- Don. Both men are accused of preparing terrorist acts in Crimea and being members of Right Sector, an organization which is banned in Russia.