Uzbekistan does not recognize Crimea part of the Russian Federation and calls on Moscow and Kyiv for bilateral negotiations, informs press service of the Uzbek Foreign Ministry.

Uzbekistan’s position towards recent events in Ukraine, published by ‘Jahon’ information agency on March 4, 2014 remains unchanged:

“The Republic of Uzbekistan, on the basis of the fundamental principles of the UN Charter and international law, firmly and consistently maintains a position “to resolve the emerging international disputes by peaceful means, refrain from using threat or force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any State,” reads the statement by Foreign Ministry.

“Given the unpredictability of outcome of the events in Ukraine and Crimea, basing on centuries-long closeness of Ukrainian and Russian peoples, their historical commonality of spiritual and cultural values and economic relations, the only reasonable solution is holding bilateral negotiations to find mutually acceptable compromise for the problems encountered”.

The Ministry also stressed that “the more time is missed, the more contradictions deepen and situation exacerbates”.