The conversation came in the wake of a statement made by Russian President Vladimir Putin that Russia provided and would provide support to Bashar Asad’s government in ‘its struggle with ISIS militants’. It has been Carrie’s third telephone call to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in the last ten days.

According to Carrie, Russia’s actions are detrimental to the common fight against terrorism because efforts should be concentrated towards resolving the conflict through ‘genuine political transition’ of power.

The State Secretary also reiterated commitment of the US to the anti-ISIS coalition comprised of more than 60 countries, which the Asad regime will never be part of. He stressed that the US would welcome constructive Russian involvement in the struggle against the ISIS.

Since early September, Western medias have been reporting troops and military equipment being delivered from Russia to Syria, as well as construction of an airfield on an airbase near Latakiya taking place.