At a recent news conference, John Kirby, Spokesperson for the United States Department of State, commented on Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu’s statement about the US Army cooperating with Turkey’s enemies.

It was reported earlier that photos of US soldiers wearing YPG uniform (a Syrian branch of the PKK terrorists - QHA) were carried by several online media outlets. According to Cavusoglu, it is unbecoming a nation fighting terrorism to do such a thing.

According to John Kirby, the United States will continue to cooperate with Turkey in the fight against ISIS but with a ‘but’:

“The United States will continue to maintain close ties with the Republic of Turkey as far as fighting ISIS in Syria is concerned. This terrorist organization poses a serious threat and a problem to the Republic. But we will also continue to support the democratic forces in Syria”.

Kirby explained the US’s cooperation with the democratic forces in Syria by the fact that ethnically they are not all Kurds.

Kirby briefly touched upon the recent rise in tension between Turkey and Russia. He said that the withdrawal of the Turkish troops from Iraq Russia is pushing for should be agreed upon by the governments of Iraq and Turkey.

As regards air raids Russian jets carried out on a hospital and a mosque in the Syrian city of Idlib, killing 60 civilians, the US prefers not to jump to conclusions, trying to understand the situation:

“We are trying to understand what happened in Idlib. At the moment, we have no reliable information about who is responsible for these raids. However, without a doubt, the accident constitutes violation of the ceasefire”.

Just a reminder: a crisis in relations between Turkey and Russia, which erupted in November 2015 after the downing of a Russian jet, escalated dramatically a few days ago following statements made by Turkish and Russian politicians.