PARIS (QHA) - The National Security Agency monitored and tapped more than 70 million phone calls made in France during a 30-day period, French newspaper Le Monde reported Monday, citing documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, CNN informs. “Information published by Le Monde newspaper [Monday] is shocking; in this regard we will demand an explanation from Washington in the shortest timeframe”- France’s Interior Minister Manuel Valls claimed. “France has close ties with United States, a friendly nation, which, among other things, include anti-terrorist efforts. However, if it’s proven that industrial espionage takes place, that high-ranking French officials are under surveillance, that citizens’ private lives are invaded, then this practice is impermissible”- he added. The newspaper claims that based on Snowden’s information as well as that procured by Le Monde’s own sources indicate that apart from terrorist suspects, French businessmen, politicians and high-ranking public officials were monitored as well, ITAR-TASS informs. As reported, Laurent Fabius, France’s Foreign Minister, has urgently summoned the American ambassador to the Ministry in order to receive an explanation regarding allegations.