(QHA) -

The USS Truxtun, a U.S. Navy guided-missile destroyer, is heading to the Black Sea for what the U.S. military on March 6 described as a "routine" deployment that was scheduled well before the crisis in Ukraine, Hurriyet Daily News reports.

The announcement came a day after Turkish authorities confirmed having given permission to a U.S. Navy warship to pass through the Bosphorus within the next two days.

Also on March 5, the Pentagon unveiled plans to put more U.S. fighter jets on a NATO air patrol mission in the Baltics, moving to reassure allies alarmed by Russia's effective seizure of the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea.

Crimea is home to Russia's Black Sea military base in Sevastopol. The U.S. Navy said in a statement that the Truxtun left Greece on Thursday en route to the Black Sea and would conduct training with Romanian and Bulgarian naval forces.