(QHA) -

The events in the center of the Ukrainian capital on January 19 have caused the "deep concern" of Washington, which called on all sides to urgently resolve the situation.

National Security Council Spokesperson Caitlin Hayden said this in a statement on Ukraine, Ukrinform reports.

"We are deeply concerned by the violence taking place today on the streets of Kyiv and urge all sides to immediately de-escalate the situation," reads the document.

The United States also urged the Ukrainian government "to take steps that represent a better way forward for Ukraine, including repeal of the anti-democratic legislation signed into law in recent days, withdrawing the riot police from downtown Kyiv, and beginning a dialogue with the political opposition."

According to the U.S. side, the increasing tension in Ukraine "is a direct consequence of the government failing to acknowledge the legitimate grievances of its people."

Washington said that it supports the call by opposition political leaders to reestablish the principle of "non-violence" on the Maidan and continues to consider the introduction of sanctions in response to violence.