A U.S. judge ordered Iran to pay more than $10.5 billion in damages to families of people killed in the September 11, 2001, terror attacks, Bloomberg reports.

Under the ruling, Iran is to pay $7.5 billion to the estates and families of people who died in the terror attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. $3 billion was also awarded to insurers that paid property damage caused by the terror attacks.

Earlier in the case, it was found that Iran had failed to defend claims that it aided the September 11 attacks.

Some serious incriminating evidence was provided after an officer of Iran’s intelligence service and two employees of the Iranian Intelligence Ministry testified under oath at a Manhattan court that the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran took part in developing, perpetrating and concealing traces of the 9/11 terror attacks. They claimed Iran, apart from being directly involved in developing a plan of the attacks, also trained terrorists in hijacking airplanes and ‘provided material support to hundreds of Al-Qaeda militants after the attacks.

The Saudi Arabia was also accused of being involved in the attacks but no court proceedings were initiated against it.