(QHA) -

Unless Crimea is back to Ukraine, there will be no peace in Kherson region, head of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov, who was banned from entering Crimea for 5 years, noted this, Kherson local news agency reports.

“I would not like to allow this, but if you think “God is with Crimea, but we in Kherson feel good”, that will never do. It won’t be good in Kherson, unless Russia leaves Crimea”- he said.

According to Chubarov, in order to return Crimea back to Ukraine, Kherson should get more economic influence in internal processes of Ukraine.

“Most of all I am concerned about Crimea’s return to Ukraine and the situation of Crimean Tatars. I know the only one thing: without Kherson’s powerful hitch we won’t solve this problem. The problem is possible to be settled only with the raising of economical and political level of Kherson”- he said.

Crimea seceded from Ukraine following local referendum on region’s status and was annexed by Russia in March.