The Ukrainian President thanked the US for its firm political support and practical assistance in the form of loan guarantees.
The President noted the role of the US as a reliable strategic partner of Ukraine, and more specifically, in such matters as IMF-financed programs and assistance in the restructuring of Ukraine’s debt.
The two sides discussed the progress of reforms in Ukraine, especially in the area of ​​tax policy, fight against corruption and assistance in search for money stolen in Ukraine. The President noted the importance of coordinating actions in ridding the country of the oligarchs.
Poroshenko informed Jack Lew about the situation in Donbass, and more specifically, an increase in attacks on positions held by the Ukrainian Army.
Jack Lew reaffirmed continued support to Ukraine for the sake of ensuring full implementation of the Minsk agreements.
United States Secretary of the Treasury, for whom this is a second visit to Ukraine this year, confirmed full support of the United States of Ukrainian citizens’ desire to live in an independent, safe and rich country.
Jack Lew noted significant progress with reforms that has been achieved in Ukraine, stressing the importance of staying on the reform path. He also underscored the importance of international support for reforms in Ukraine and called trust a key factor the Ukrainian government should aspire to achieve.
The two sides have coordinated their position in the run-up to the G20 summit in Antalya, the US Treasury Secretary will go to after visiting Ukraine.