(QHA) -

The UN has warned of an "alarming deterioration" in human rights in eastern Ukraine, where separatists are fighting security forces and found "serious problems" of harassment and persecution of Crimean Tatars in Crimea, BBC reports.

The report said the U.N. monitors were trying to verify reports of abuses by Ukrainian government forces, and said it had credible reports of people being detained by the army in a way that amounted to forced disappearances.

Meanwhile, Ivan Shimonovich, UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights noted that the UN is concerned about the list made by Russia that bans a number of individuals entry to Crimea.

We are concerned about the list of individuals, imposed by Russia, that are banned entry to Crimea. Mustafa Jemilev is not the only one who was banned. We are examining this fact and believe that it may be considered human rights violations.

However, Russia has condemned the report, saying it ignored abuses by Ukraine's government.