The United Nations will be handling public procurement in Ukraine via Crown Agents agency of Great Britain, said Alexander Kvitashvili, Ukraine’s Health Minister, at a today’s press conference in Kyiv.

“The entire procurement process works as a single program. The UN-designed system, meant to run on a long-term basis, will include technical assistance in determination of correct nomenclature, assistance in ensuring transparent bidding, as well as selection of essential medications for residents of Ukraine,” he said.

The minister went on to say that Ukrainian manufacturers would also be permitted to participate as bidders or suppliers. ‘The UN will be principally responsible for rendering direct procurement support, improving health care system, drawing on international companies’ expertise and providing a chance to purchase any medications quickly,’ the minister said.

Public procurement programs the Ukrainian Health Ministry will be implementing jointly with the United Nations include immunity boosting programs, tuberculosis vaccination, AIDS testing systems, oncology programs for children and adults, programs for children suffering from hemophilia, as well as viral hepatitis diagnostics.

According to the press conference’s speakers, working jointly with the United Nations will help rid Ukrainians of their reliance on free medications provided by the state, as well as provide them with high quality medications at affordable prices. “At the moment, the ingredients for a full-fledged success are not yet there.To ensure the program is a complete success, we need the government to take a definite stance and the parliament provide legislative support,” said Neil Walker, UN Coordinator for Ukraine. Igor Pereginets, Deputy Health Minister, also said that productive work will start in two weeks after all of the preparations have been made.