(QHA) -

UN Security Council members have not supported Russia’s proposal to ask the secretary general of the global organization to organize an unbiased investigation of events in the southern Ukrainian city of Odesa where dozens died in early May in clashes and a fire.

“Unfortunately, UN Security Council members have been unable to back our call to turn to the secretary general with a request to conduct an objective probe,” Russia’s ambassador to the UN Churkin said, ITAR-TASS reports.

 At least 48 people died and 247 were injured in the clashes and the fire in the Trade Unions House.

It is unclear how the blaze began. Fire comes days after clashes between pro-Russian separatists and supporters of the Kyiv authorities took place in Odesa.

Meanwhile, Ukraine's deputy interior minister and chief investigator Vitaliy Sakal said who died in Trade Unions House’s fire, on May 2, might have been poisoned with chloroform, a chemical that restricts the ability to breath.

Ukrainian investigators had contacted the Israeli Embassy, asking for professional experts to investigate any traces of the chemical in the building.