UN Security Council meeting on December 17 was chaired by Jack Lew, the Head of the US Treasury. The resolution, jointly drawn up by the US and Russia, imposes sanctions on IS. The same sanctions have been operating against "Al Qaeda" terrorist group for several years.

The document is intended to disrupt the external financial flows generating money for IS terrorists, in particular, revenues from oil smuggling and sale of historic property, Interfax reports.

The draft resolution reads that the UN sanctions are to deal with individuals, groups of individuals or organizations cooperating with the "Islamic state". They are expected to freeze the funds and make it harder for IS terrorists to enter the UN country - members.

According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Russia and the US agreed on a joint draft resolution on terrorism combating. In particular, their most concerned effort is to disrupt the IS financing channels.

- This resolution will lay out the objectives on counter-terrorism that have already been discussed at the UN and must be carried out by all States and the UN Secretary General. The idea is to disrupt IS financial activities in particular trafficking of oil and other loots - artifacts, cultural treasures -with the terrorist-captured territories, said Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov.