Ilmy Umerov, who has served as head of Bakhchisaray rayon administration for 9 years, has resigned. The reason of the resignation is “an oath he took to Ukraine”, he shared with QHA correspondent.

“I made a decision long ago that I would not work under new circumstances. I don’t want to take an oath to Russian Federation. I have already sworn to Ukraine and I won’t break the oath”- Umerov said.

Umerov also said he has given a number of rough interviews that led to remarks from Crimean acting Prime Minister Sergey Aksyonov.

“I have recently given rough interviews and then got remarks from premier Aksyonov, he said "state serviceman should not venture such statements". So I decided not to listen to such remarks and leave in time and with dignity”- Umerov noted.

 “I can boast of the fact that I made the rayon one of the best in Crimea in the sphere of agriculture, economy, investments, education, culture and tourism. In this situation, I feel sorry and a little sad to leave, but I cannot do otherwise. I cannot accept the fact that Crimea was seized by another state, so I made a decision to leave”- he explained.