Ilmi Umerov, Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis of Crimean Tatars expressed his indignation at the Crimean Muftiyat’s appeal to Crimean Tatars, calling upon them not to join the battalion named after Noman Çelebicihan. 

“May be annexation is canceled, the occupation is ended, the leaders are at home, political prisoners are released, criminal proceedings are closed, people stopped go missing, new national schools and kindergartens have appeared, independent media freely broadcast in Crimea, businesses are not ‘pressed’, ‘dependent’ people are not forced to join ‘Qırım’ organization ?????? I also think that it is not necessary to leave the homeland, but being an occupation authorities’ puppet is much more dangerous, especially when it comes to such structure as Muftiyat…”  Ilmi Umerov wrote on his Facebook page.