According to the ‘UKROP’, Ukraine is on the brink of a deep political crisis provoked by the government. Pushing through the amendments to the Constitution, written under the dictation of the Kremlin, the government has started to collaborate with Ukrainian enemies. The true causes of the tragic events outside the Verkhovna Rada are still unclear, as citizens are deprived of the opportunity to know the true meaning of these imposed constitutional changes, as well as their consequences, devastating for the country. The lack of open public discussion on the amendments to the Basic Law and the anti-democratic procedure for their adoption put a bloody start of the constitutional reform. The authorities must be responsible for that.

Assessing the vote on the amendments to the Constitution and the fact that the coalition has been left by the ‘Radical Party’, ‘UKROP’ addressed to the ‘Petro Poroshenko Bloc’ and ‘People’s Front’ calling to announce openly the new format of the coalition, including a ‘revanchist’ ‘Opposition bloc’.

According to the report, rebooting the government is the only democratic way for Ukraine to overcome the current crisis.