According to the anchorman for the QHA (Crimean News Agency), currently close to 500 activists have gathered outside the Presidential Administration at Bankova St. The area is cordoned off by police officers.

New people are coming and joining the rally with the words of support for the Crimean Tatar activists. Ukrainian patriots join the demand to stop pressure on the Crimean blockade activists and promise, if necessary, to protect them.

Patriotic Ukrainian songs are sounding, Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar flags are waving. The demonstrators are waiting for the authorities to react.

As of now, the car with the speakers has pulled up. The activists are telling people about current events in the village of Chaplinka. The Deputy General Director of ATR TV channel Eider Mudzhabaev and several Crimean blockade activists, who specially arrived in Kiev, gave speeches. They talked about dramatic events that occurred on the Day of Freedom and Dignity when the government tried to set the National Guard on the participants of the peaceful rally. People, who yesterday stood shoulder to shoulder against the common enemy, now found themselves on different sides of the barricades. The rally, which is being held at Bankova St., was called the civil disobedience action.

We are watching the developments.

Yesterday, Nov 20, the disaster damaged one of the transmission power lines supplying electricity from the mainland Ukraine to the Russia-occupied Crimea.

As reported earlier, this afternoon close to 200 National Guard officers and the “Kherson” battalion, headed by the Deputy Head of the Kherson Interior Ministry Ilya Kiva, arrived on the scene outside the village of Chaplinka. They tried to push from the damaged transmission lines the blockade participants, who organized a rally there and prevented repair works on restoration of the electricity supply to the Russia-occupied Crimea.

After the talks between the Crimean blockade organizer Lenur Islyamov and Ilya Kiva, the security forces stepped back. Regional power distribution authorities are working on grounding, so that no one suffered from the damaged power lines. The blockade participants remain on spot.