According to new rules of the Russian Federation, all Ukrainians staying in Russia have to decide whether to process the residence permit and citizenship or repatriate to their homeland. Otherwise, they will be deported. But this does not refer to Ukrainian citizens arrived from uncontrolled by Kyiv Donetsk and Luhansk regions, News Online 24 reports.

Ukrainian immigrants say that it is not easy to obtain citizenship or residence permit in Russia. Russian authorities think very poorly of Ukrainians, and the bureaucratic system of the Federal Migration Service adds to it. So, if a Ukrainian tries to get the Russian-speaking status, he or she has to prepare a folder of documents and get an appointment to visit the commission, which receives 2 times and only 24 – 25 people per month. And this is only the first stage of the official citizenship acquisition procedure.

Only useful contacts and bribes can help those eager to become Russian citizens.