Concerned citizens are demanding from the Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko to hold a referendum on returning Russia-occupied peninsula to Ukraine. E-petition "on returning Russia-occupied peninsula of Crimea to Ukraine!" has been registered on the site of the Ukraine’s President.

- Due to the emerging discontent of the Ukrainian citizens, who are forced to remain in the Russia-occupied Crimea, as well as people temporarily (internally) displaced in mainland Ukraine, we bind the Head of State and Government to provide the opportunity for Crimean residents to hold a referendum on returning Crimea to Ukraine, recognizing the occupying authorities as illegitimate and the return of the rights and freedoms that apply to the entire territory of our country to Crimea, according to the text of the petition.

The document also reads Crimeans have not been able to express their true point of view at Russia-held "referendum" since it was held at gunpoint.

- The Russian Federation issued its false information as true without considering the will of the Crimea citizens, so we are obliged to provide the Crimean residents, as part of Ukrainian nation, with the possibility of choice, according to the petition.

Anyone can sign this petition by clicking on the link. In order for the President to consider the petition, it is necessary to collect at least 25 thousand votes.