“Three of the Ukrainian border guards, who illegally crossed Ukraine-Crimea border, have been fined RUB 2 thousand each, while another one RUB 4 thousand,” says a statement released by the press service.

Three Ukrainian soldiers were reported to have gone missing on Ukraine-Crimea border on the night of September 4- 5. After being relieved from their checkpoint duty, the soldiers changed into civilian clothes and, as their squad mates report, went swimming to a dam located in an area adjacent to Crimea.According to eyewitness reports, two vehicles (an UAZ jeep and URAL truck) from Crimea later arrived and the soldiers were illegally detained.

A few days later, another Ukrainian soldier, 'drunk and eager to ‘make pals’ with Russian border guards', according to the Border Guard Service of Russia, was picked up on Ukraine-Crimea border.