At a Q&A session in the Parliament, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Vadim Pristayko answered MPs’ questions about the situation in the ATO area, as well as Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia, reports QHA.

“We have been working in the Minsk and Normandy formats. And it is up to you and the Ukrainian people to decide how successful we have been. We are doing our best to preserve peace. There are now two major problems – non-observance of ceasefire and POW exchange. Just recently we exchanged three Russian POWs for three Ukrainian ones,” said Vadim Pristayko.

According to Pristayko, the EU, USA and Canada are assisting Ukraine in having its citizens released.

“The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has sent 160 notes of protest, including 69 regarding Nadezhda Savchenko. As of today, 29 Ukrainian political prisoners are being held in Russian prisons. We are providing them with legal support, as well as trying to negotiate their return to Ukraine. We are also holding talks with the Russian President and Russian Investigation Committee,” said Pristayko.

Vadim Pristayko briefed the MPs on the Ukrainian President’s visit to Turkey. He mentioned a number of investment projects discussed during the visit, such as building a gas pipeline, as well as Turkey’s participation in the settlement of the Crimea issue.

In conclusion, Pristayko raised the issue of visa-free travel between Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

“There are now 4 million Ukrainians in Russia. It will take a lot of money to provide them all with travel passports. Enormous amount of work will have to be done in that respect,” said Vadim Pristayko.