Ukrainian people made a right choice. Petro Poroshenko is honest and wise politician.

Ukrainian MP,Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Jemilev noted this, commenting the Poroshenko’s de facto victory in Ukraine’s presidential elections.

Jemilev stressed, that Poroshenko is no stranger to Crimean Tatar issue.

“This person is no stranger to our issue [Crimean Tatar issue,- ed.]. He initiated a decree in the Parliament on recognizing Crimean Tatars indigenous people. I believe Poroshenko will be active enough in settling the issue.”- he noted.

Ukrainian confectionery tycoon Petro Poroshenko has claimed outright victory in the country's presidential election May 25.

The US secretary of state, John Kerry, said the elections in Ukraine sent a “clear message” that the country's people want to “live in a united, democratic and peaceful Ukraine anchored in European institutions”.