Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych said the Ukrainian administration has fulfilled all its crisis settlement obligations, but the opposition continues to fuel the situation, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

"We have fulfilled all obligations that the administration has assumed. The parliament has passed a law on amnesty, which guarantees the freedom of protesters and the release of the people who were detained during conflicts. However, the opposition continues to aggravate the situation, calling on people to stand in the freezing weather for the sake of the political ambitions of some leaders. I think it's wrong," the president said in an address to the people of Ukraine posted on the presidential website on Thursday.

Yanukovych also admitted the authorities had made mistakes and promised to show "more understanding" for people's needs and aspirations.

The president also expressed concerns about "the life and health of many people who were involved in the conflict by irresponsible politicians."

However, the opposition leader Vitaliy Klitschko said that "Yanukovych is not being completely honest when he says that the authorities have lived up to their obligations”. 

“The opposition brought a concrete list of demands to its negotiations with the president", he said. 

Klitschko also noted that the amnesty law "first needs to come into force and only after that can it be implemented. However, we are certain that this law -- as well as many other laws -- does not correspond to the interests of the people".

As reported, Parliament passed the amnesty bill on January 29 with backing from Yanukovych's Party of Regions, but the opposition refused to vote.