Students of the Naval Forces faculty of the Ukrainian National University "Odessa Maritime Academy" are training on board the "Vodnik" training ship of the Naval Forces in the Polish city of Gdynia, Chief of the press center of the Ukrainian Navy 1st Rank Captain Oleg Çubuk exclusively told QHA.

“In the probation, the cadets will receive practical skills along with foreign military. They will also visit the ports in Portugal, Spain, Ireland and Montenegro,” he informed.

Chief of the press-center of the Ukrainian Navy also said that the training does not relate to the Anaconda-2016 international exercises. 

Just a reminder: In 2014, the Ukrainian Naval Lyceum was relocated from the temporarily Russian-occupied Sevastopol to Odessa due to the fact that students did not betray Ukraine and left Sevastopol to continue their studies in an educational institution of Ukraine. The solemn graduation ceremony of cadets (the 2nd course) was held on May 28 this year, where 44 young men received Certificates of complete secondary education and breastplates on graduation from the Lyceum.

In addition, the Chief of Naval Lyceum Captain 1 rank Viktor Shmiganovsky reported that 38 of the 44 graduates are planning to enter higher military educational institutions, with vast majority - the naval department of the Odessa National Maritime Academy.

Photo: Internet