There is almost no access to Ukrainian-language literature in Crimea. A journalist Ivan Zhilin managed to find only a few Ukrainian-language books in the occupied peninsula and wrote openDemocracy about it. The attempts to buy books in the Ukrainian language at book stalls were no success.

- I have only Russian books. Under Ukraine I also didn’t buy others, said a seller at one of the trading pavilions in the city of Sevastopol.

Earlier, the Ukrainian books could be purchased from bookstore supermarkets, but now the owners do not buy them as they have no financial opportunity to do it.

-We’ve stopped purchasing them right following the referendum. They were poorly sold under Ukraine, and it took about four month to sell the last shipment, said sales consultant Svetlana, adding that even if requested the store cannot buy books from mainland Ukraine since they have no opportunity to pay in hryvnia.

Director of the Crimean printing house "Taurida" Georgiy Shapovalov told the reporters that following the so-called referendum, they did not receive any orders for books in the Ukrainian language, although, if necessary, the bookstore chains can apply to their printing house.

The journalist managed to find a few books only in the city of Simferopol in a book store "Bukva," which prior to annexation had an entire hall with Ukrainian literature.

- Under Ukraine, we had an entire hall with Ukrainian literature. The books were sold even faster than the Russian ones, said a store manager.

As QHA reported earlier, restrictions on Ukrainian music have been imposed in Crimea.

Photo: Internet