“President, members of the Cabinet of Ministers and Ukrainian MPs should use all legitimate means at their disposal to ensure that their policy towards the economic blockade of Crimea takes into account all possible consequences and counter measures Russia might resort to,” wrote Anton Geraschenko, Ukrainian Internal Minister's adviser, on his Facebook page.

“By blockading Crimea, civic society in Ukraine is responding to the atrocities perpetrated by the Russian occupation regime in Crimea against Ukrainian patriots and Crimean Tatars, who remained loyal to the idea of one and undivided Ukraine. The government should legitimize efforts of the civil activists and ensure control over implementation of the blockade, so as to prevent accusations of cross-border corruption.

Failure of the government to make a responsible decision on how economic relations with the occupied territories should be maintained may result in heightened internal tensions in a country already weakened by internal unrest,” writes Geraschenko.