Ukrainian doctors who came to Russia for examination of jailed Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko have been 
allowed in to see her. 

Savchenko's lawyer, Mark Feigin, confirmed on Twitter that Ukrainian doctors met with Savchenko on March 14.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin has also confirmed this information.

"Ukrainian doctors are already with Nadia thanks to the joint efforts made by Poroshenko and our consul," he said on Twitter.

The press service for the Ukrainian state presidential property management office reported on Friday that Ukrainian doctors had been denied a meeting with Savchenko.

Officials at the facility where Savchenko is being kept said they would not allow an earlier visit on March 13, because the doctors did not have the necessary paperwork from the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Savchenko recently ended a nearly three-month hunger strike to protest what she calls her illegal confinement by Russia.

She is in pretrial detention in Russia, where she has been charged with involvement in a mortar attack that killed two Russian journalists covering the conflict between government forces and Russian-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine.