Within the framework of the PACE plenary session in Strasbourg, the Ukrainian delegation presented the book of ‘Russia’s crimes in Ukraine 2014-2015’ in English, Volodymyr Ariev, a Ukrainian MP, posted on his  Facebook page.

“We have presented the book of Russia’s crimes before the PACE. To be more precise, an album of the major events of 2014-2015, created by me together with Dima Tsapko, the best Ukrainian designer, and Tough Slate Design,” Ariev wrote. 

The album recorded events such as downed MH-17, shelled passenger bus near Volnovakha, annexation of Crimea, persecution of Crimean Tatars, Ilovaisky tragedy and others. The album was created in a form of a criminal record dossier: all photos are in black and white.

“Many of those present were turning the pages with horror in their eyes. In particular, they were impressed with pictures of those whose stories have been described: war-stricken children from Donbas, a priest tortured by terrorists for a prayer for peace and unity of Ukraine, a guy whose hand was cut off only due to the fact that he had a triden tattoo,” Ariev described the impressions of the Europeans. 

The presentation was attended by two girls from the Donetsk region, whose stories were described in the album. Natalia Lafazan, 10, from Sartana near Mariupol came under fire from Russian artillery. Her mother died, and the girl lost her leg. Tanya Chernobay, 8, came under attack of Uglegorsk from Russia’s Grad multiple rocket launcher systems. Her neighbor's house, where she was hiding, was also hit by a rocket. As a result, her friends were killed, and Tanya suffering multiple injuries left without leg, as well.