Ukrainian communists made a propaganda cartoon about advantages of the Customs Union with Russia. The cartoon, which is called “Fairy tale about choice”, is placed on YouTube, according to 

The story is about a girl “Ukraine”, who has feelings for her neighbor “Russia”.However, the girl’s father- the king of Ukraine, doesn’t let her marrying him. Willing to fill up the empty treasury, the king decides to arrange marriage with the “rich Europe” (the latter is represented by bold unattractive man). 

After receiving a list of requirements from the European “groom”, the king makes a decision to let his daughter marry both candidates. His daughter however is opposed to this, saying that she has nothing in common with “Europe” and pointing out benefits of an alliance with “Russia”, such as paying less for the gas, cheap petrol etc. 

In the end, “Ukraine” declares her love for “Russia”.The cartoon shows a document named “Customs Union. We, Ukraine and Russia…” A voiceover describes how happy “Ukraine” becomes afterwards. 

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian communists intend to initiate a referendum on Ukraine's accession to the Customs Union with Russia.

In turn, President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, intends to soon sign an Association Agreement and free trade zone with the EU. At the same time, Kyiv is trying to establish some relationship with the Customs Union without entering it. Moscow has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that Ukrainian authorities cannot make a choice.