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Five Ukrainian political parties which created the coalition in Ukrainian Parliament-- the Verkhovna Rada-- intend to return Crimea and the federal city of Sevastopol to Ukraine, and protect legitimate interests of the Crimean Tatar people and other citizens of Ukraine, reads the coalition agreement placed on the website of the Samopomich association. 

The coalition consists of Block of Petro Poroshenko, Ukraine’s People’s Front, Samopomich Association, Radical Party of Oleg Lyashko and Yulia Timoshenko’s Batkivshchyna

“We, people’s deputies of Ukraine, have signed the coalition agreement, have united and made a majority in Ukrainian Parliament to protect the sovereignty and territory integrity of Ukraine”- reads the statement.

One of the strategic goals of foreign and domestic policy the coalition designates “the return of the territory of Crimea to structure of Ukraine and protection of the rights of the Ukrainian citizens, including Crimean Tatars, living on the peninsula.

The coalition members also intend to develop a new version of the national security strategy and military doctrine of Ukraine, taking into account "changes in the military-political situation" and to include in the doctrine the term "potential enemy", as well as cancel the non-aligned status of Ukraine and to renew political commitment to NATO membership.

In border territories Ukraine intends to create "additional infrastructures of public authorities" which "will provide the rights and interests" of Crimeans.

To recall, Crimean held a local referendum on region’s status and was annexed by Russia in March, the move that was recognized illegitimate by Kyiv and the Western powers.