Ukrainian airlines were involved in the delivery of weapons intended for Syrian rebels, which Sudan sold to the armed Syrian opposition through Qatar and Turkey, U.S. newspaper The New York Times wrote on Monday, citing unnamed U.S. officials and an aviation official from a regional air traffic control, reports Ukrinform.

"Two American officials said Ukrainian-flagged aircraft had delivered the shipments. Air traffic control data from an aviation official in the region shows that at least three Ukrainian aviation transport companies flew military-style cargo planes this year from Khartoum, the Sudanese capital, to a military and civilian airfield in western Turkey," the newspaper wrote.

Experts say the shipments included antiaircraft missiles and newly manufactured small-arms cartridges, which were seen on the battlefield in Syria. However Sudanese officials denied helping arm either side in the Syrian war.

A Qatari official said he had no information about a role by his country in procuring or moving military equipment from Sudan.