February 29, 2016. Three activists of the Ukrainian Culture Center Russian were taken into custody by Russian special services trying to enter Crimea from Ukraine through the Chongar checkpoint, Olga Skripnik, Head of the Crimean Human Rights, told a news conference in Kiev.

“As of now, the Russian special services let go Irina Danilovych and Galina Balaban. Unlike the two women, Mikhail Batrak, a third detained person, remains in custody because he had no Russian passport at the time of detainment,” said Olga Skripnik in an interview with QHA.

On its Facebook page, the Crimean Human Rights earlier reported the detainment of Mikhail Batrak, Irina Danilovich and Galina Balaban.

No reason for the detainment is known yet. More details are coming soon.