(QHA) - Ukraine assumed the presidency of the Commonwealth of Independent States from Belarus during the Summit of CIS Heads of State, Ukrinform reports. "Today we have decided that in 2014 Ukraine will chair the CIS. We take this honorable mission from the Republic of Belarus, which by taking the presidency this year has provided opportunity to Ukraine to focus on work within the OSCE frames,” he said. Yanukovych stressed that Ukraine intends to send its work within the CIS frames to further progressive development of the CIS and strengthening of mutually beneficial cooperation that meets national interests of each state. "Ukraine's participation in this capacity will be built on the principles of continuity in implementing the solutions taken by the CIS highest authorities, as well as initiatives, put forward by the previous presiding states," Yanukovych said. He also noted that Ukraine considers as one of the priorities development of trade and economic cooperation, which should be based on the provisions of the Free Trade Area Agreement within the CIS frames and the WTO principles. "This agreement, in our opinion, should start working at full capacity, and mechanisms inherent in it - to become such that really work,” Yanukovych stressed. The President added that Ukraine will focus its efforts on preparations for the signing of agreements on transit by pipelines, on trade in services and a protocol on phasing out export duties. He added that Ukraine will also pay a special attention to energy cooperation, in particular, to the issues of energy resources transportation and security of their supply.