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Ukraine’s Military Prosecutor has registered more than 6000 cases of desertion of the servicemen on Ukraine’s naval forces in Crimea following the region’s unification with Russia, Military Prosecutor of South Region of Ukraine Pavel Bogutsky announced.

All these 6000 servicemen were put on the wanted list and will face criminal responsibility.

Earlier, Ukrainian MP Anton Gerashenko announced more than 6000 Ukrainian soldiers, who broke their oath following Crimea’s joining Russia, were put on the “Mirotvorets” (peacekeeper) database, which includes the names of separatists and terrorist.

Ukraine unified with Russia in March 2014, following a local referendum on the region’s status, condemned by the majority of the world countries as illegitimate.

Russian forces have seized the Black Sea peninsula and told Ukrainian forces there to give up their weapons.

Crimea’s then acting head Sergey Aksyonov announced said the Ukrainian soldiers who remained in Crimea at that time, most of them inside bases surrounded by Russian troops, could join with pro-Russian forces or leave.

"After the referendum they will have to leave... or those who are citizens and who want to could swear allegiance to the autonomous republic of Crimea or the Russian Federation"- Aksyonov said.

Ukraine has launched a treason case against the head of the Ukrainian navy Denis Berezovsky as he has sworn allegiance to the pro-Russian regional leaders of Crimea.