The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is doing its best to eliminate problems in trade relations with Russia, the premier's spokesman, Vitaliy Lukyanenko said, Interfax informs.

"The government is working on the elimination of the problems in mutual trade relations between Ukraine and Russia, and one should not push it. The government is interested itself in the elimination of obstacles for the sake of mutual trade development," he claimed.

As reported earlier, on August 14 the Customs Service of the Russian Federation put all Ukrainian imports on the list of potentially dangerous goods, which halted the shipment of goods from Ukraine for an indefinite time.

The federation said that the Russian customs is continuously checking Ukrainian cargo, unloading it and loading it back into the trucks.

"All this increases the periods of idleness of cars and other vehicles, and as a result, increases the cost of goods, or disrupts their supply, or leads to their spoilage, and undermines the position of Ukrainian producers on the Russian market.Meanwhile, Russia is a vital market for many Ukrainian enterprises," the federation said. 

According to the estimates of the FEU, the value of exports of Ukrainian goods to Russia in the second half of the year is projected at $8.5 billion.