Ukraine’s State Aviation Service (Gosaviasluzhba) confirmed to have received a letter from the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya) with a proposal to hold talks on air traffic between Russia and Ukraine, said Ukraine’s Infrastructure Minister Andriy Pivovarsky on his FB page last night:

- The Infrastructure Ministry and the State Aviation Service are ready. The time, venue and the composition of Ukrainian delegation will be announced later.

The Rosaviatsiya sent a letter to the Gosaviasluzhba with a proposal to "immediately hold talks on a range of issues relevant to the air traffic, at any location convenient for Ukraine."

As known from the reports by several media, Sept.25, the Cabinet of Ministers, and then the Gosaviasluzhba reported on imposing a ban for Russian airlines to carry out flights to Ukraine from Oct.25. In response to the ban the Russian Federation has also banned the flights by Ukrainian airlines to Russia and its airspace.